Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spiritual Healing

I met Ustaz to learn Ruqyah Syariah.
It's a good Syifa to treat & cure disease if medication is not helpful anymore.
I believe nowadays many of us know better about Ruqyah Syariah. It's a verse from Quran that arrange by Rasullullah and can be use as a Spiritual Healing. The history of Ruqyah Syariah happened when Rasulullah was attacked with black magic. Sahabat was trying to treat him with many treatment solution and suddenly Jibrail came to rescue him. Jibrail from Allah, taugth Rasullah of the Ruqyah Syariah. Since then he always used the verses to treat himself and as well to his ummah..

My Ustaz at the beginning, gave me the Ruqyah Syariah CD to listen the verses.. I noe, i'm not 'rajin' to hafal the verses. So I asked him what the simplest way for me to treat myself when I got anxious & depression attacked. As he mentioned that, I am "lemah semangat' person it's easier devil haunting me... And that's why easier for me to get anxious attack & hard to cure it with modern medication ;(

Just a simple step I want to share with my readers... As what he taught me, practice the zikir & doa and do it after sholat:
1. Astaghfirullah al-Azim (if possible 100x)
2. Zikir Alhumma Ajjirna Minnanar...
3. Zikir "LaIllah HaIllah Wahdahu La Syarikallah Lahumulku Wallahu Hamduyuhyi Wayumitu WahuaAlla Qulli Syaiin Qadir" (10x)
4. Selawat Nabi (10x) - (Ustaz ckp, klu selawat doa mudah disampaikn sbb itu tanda kita umat Rasulullah)
5. Doa penggerak "Bismillahillazi Layadurru Maasmihi Syauun Fil Ardi Walla Fissama I Wahuassamuun Alim" (7x) - can be used to avoid from Santau
6. Zikir "HassbiYallah Wani'mawakil" (7x)
7. Al-Fatihah
8. Ayatul Qursi
9. Surah Al-Ikhlas
10. Surah Al-Alaq
11. Surah An-Nas
12. Doa to ask anything what you want..

It so simple... Try do it.. Especially when you have difficulties in your day..
InsyaAllah, with His will all trouble get away easier ;)

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